The Colonisation of Spirituality

It is no accident that Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) practiced by over fifty percent of the world’s population suggest God to be a white male being. It is always referred to as a ‘He’, never a ‘She’ or at least ‘They’. There is no inference whatsoever to suggest that He is black or brown. Traditional graphic depictions in Western art have shown God to be male, white, and [usually] old. This no doubt impresses upon the psyche that all power, supreme power should be and is rightfully held by whites and by males. So one should not seek to challenge the fact, and in fact, should subordinate oneself to the ‘will of God’ i.e., the wills of the [white, male] oppressors. It then becomes less costly for oppressors to keep exploitative structures in place, as everyone by default, ought to know their place, and not seek to challenge the status quo.

By contrast, the greatest human civilization in early history; the African Kushite-Kemetic nation denoted all their dieties as black. These were myriad, denoting various qualities of the divine and were always depicted as both male and female. These included; Amen (the Supreme Creator), Ra (the diety of the Sun), Ma’at (the goddess of Truth and Balance), Anhuru, meaning ‘Slayer of Enemies’  (the diety of War), Ausaru (god as humanity) and many others. The term Black was used honorifically to emphasize the origins of Kemet’s civilization with Kush, from the melanin-rich Nilotics (Dinka, Nuer, Luo) of the South. Blackness was associated with positivity such as the black universe at night, the pupil of your eye, the color of the richest soil, the color of charcoal which creates fire.

Therefore, identifying the divine with one’s own image works to empower and prevent subconscious subjugation arising out of worshipping the image of one’s oppressors.

The name of the Supreme diety, Amen survives as ‘Amen’ in Judaeo-Christian tradition. You were praying to the black Afrikan god Amen/Amin/Amiina (male and female) all along; but just didn’t know it. Now that you know, invoke the names of your Afrikan dieties and ask them to come fight for you, your families, and your communities.

Worship God in your image and you will bow before no other.





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