Kemet and the divine [epithets]


Black … is the divine epithet invariably used for the chief beneficent gods of Egypt [Kemet], whereas all the malevolent spirits are qualified as desrêt = red; we also know that to Africans this form applies to the white nations; it is practically certain that this held good for Egypt too but I want […] to keep to the least debatable facts.

The surnames of the gods are these:

Kmwr = the ‘Great Negro’ for Osiris

km = the black + the name of the god

kmt — the black + the name of the goddess

The km (black) qualificative is applied to Hathor, Apis, Min, Thoth, etc. Kmt = the black woman = Isis. On the other hand ‘seth’, the sterile desert, is qualified by the term desrêt = red. The wild animals which Horus fought to create civilization are qualified as desrêt = red, especially the hippopotamus. Similarly the maleficent beings wiped out by Thoth are Des = dèsrtjw = the red ones; this term is the grammatical converse of Kmtjw and its construction follows the same rule for the formation of ‘nisbés.

Cheikh Anta Diop (29 December 1923 – 7 February 1986), an Afrikan anthropologist, historian, and physicist. One of the most prominent and proficient black scholars in the history of African civilization. His discoveries have shown the world the true accomplishments of African history, and effectively put an end to the debate over who the original people of Egypt were.

From General History of Africa. Vol.II. Ancient Civilisations of Africa. Chapter 1. Origin of the ancient Egyptians.

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